We don't slay dragons but .....

We feast, fight, brew, dance, weave, sew, shoot arrows, ride, illuminate, sing, tell stories, and just about anything else medieval you'd want to do.

We're the Society for Creative Anachronism, and we'd love to have you join us for the fun.


The Members of Southkeep

Duchess Elena de Neuham
mka Elizabeth Marsh

Member of House Wyndryder
and Unicorn's Hospice

Elena de Neuham, a twice widowed Duchess, lives in her estate Neuham, on her lands which are vast if a bit dodgy to find, in North Riding near York from the reign of Henry II through Richard, and John. She spends her time giving charitably to the church, lest they decide she needs to marry again, and the Crown (ditto). She speaks French, dresses in a French style, and eats French food and considers herself entirely English.

Her great granddaughter Elena Neuham, heir to the Duchy Neuham, spends her considerable fortune on the tourney circuit in France (when war isn't breaking out) and hosting her leech of a cousin Michel LaTour.

Her distant direct relative Duchess Ellen Newhome serves in the court of Elizabeth I. She keeps a fine home in London along with the drafty ancestral estate in North Riding. She is known for throwing lavish parties and balls. She employs a great number of artisans, some say she is second in patronage only to the Queen, including a court Poet, several itinerant musicians, and a (Scottish?) Italian dancing master.

Elizabeth Marsh is the Assistant Professor of Multimedia in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations at Florida International University. Her students have seen these pictures and so far are not frightened.

Lord Herbert von Gallien


Herbert Summerlin

A picture goes here. But the only one I saw was one that I think would cause Roz to kill me if I used it. Sooooo ..... I need your Herbert pix!

In general Herbert is a Celt. More particularly a Frank and most specificly a late 8th century Carolingian hailing from the ancient Bishopric of Worms.

After moderate successs in the first half of his life he fell into tragedy. For a time he dwelled among his former great enemies to the north. In time he found these Pagans not to be the great bogeymen he had expected. That influence has lead him to adopt some of their Norse ways, in attire and custom.

He traveled with them to far westernlands, and then south upon his own untill he was befriended by members of great houses in this Kingdom. A puzzlement to him till this very day?